Finding package

Hi everyone,
could anyone tell me which package have the custom node “Element.Filter.ByParameterExists”?
Thank you very much

Clockwork package.

Thank you, Kulkul. But I cannot find this node in Clockwork package.

Clockwork has similar node called “Element.ParameterExists” node. I thought your asking about that. From where did you find that node?

I already check your mentioned node but it does not work.
The node that I mentioned was seen in this post:

Anytime you need to know what package a node is from. try downloading package WhatTheNode.

Essentially you type in the node name as a search string and get results of the likely package.

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Although, I think someone may have renamed that node or something. It doesn’t exist in the top packages. Clockwork is the better node to utilize.

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@john_pierson I guess “WhatTheNode” will work if the package is installed. @Hoc_Em doesn’t have the package installed so he is asking which package have the custom node “Element.Filter.ByParameterExists”?

@Hoc_Em @john_pierson is right you can use the clockwork package.

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It is easier than playing the guessing game :wink:

I have tried “Element.ParameterExists” to filter element (beam) that have parameter b (width) but it always provides results of “false”.
DEMO.dyn (3.2 KB)

Before using Parameter.Exist you need to use element.type node since the parameter b is exist in type parameter.

@Hoc_Em @john_pierson Got the information of the custom node:

And here is the python:

import clr
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *

items = UnwrapElement(IN[0])
param = IN[1]
passed = list()
failed = list()
for item in items:
flag = True
for p in item.Parameters:
if p.Definition.Name == param:
flag = False
if flag == True:

OUT = list()

@Kulkul, Thank you very much for your support. I got it! :grin: