Find Schedules not on Sheets

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Need your help, is there a better way to do this?

I put together this file to get schedules ‘not on sheets’ because I couldn’t find anything to do this for me. It works “okay” as long as the first sheet has a schedule on it, if not the ‘Element.Name’ node coming from the ‘Sheet.Views+’ node throws an error. It also take about 10 mins to run on a file with 150 sheets.

Thanks, Jason

Sch on Sheet.dyn (15.7 KB)


Just to be clear, are you trying to put new schedules onto existing sheets? Not generate sheets and schedules at the same time?

Hi @nickaburnett - I am looking to find schedules that are not on sheets but live in the project.

@Jason_Trahan Took a small stab at rebuilding it. Mostly native nodes with the exception of “Sheet.Schedules” which I believe is in the Clockwork package (See the outline in blue).

Not entirely sure how well it will perform for you, but I built myself a quick test case of 70 sheets with 4 schedules. Seemed to process it all in about 5-10 seconds. Hopefully it will have a decent impact with your project as well.

Sch_on_Sheet_V2.dyn (19.1 KB)

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Thanks @nickaburnett. I’ll run it and let you know how it works!
Edit: After testing; if the first sheet has no schedule the script throws this error…

I added a ‘List.Clean’ node from the ‘Sheet.Schedules’ node to remove the “Empty list” and then wired the ‘List.Clean’ to the ‘Element.Name’ node the error is gone.

Thanks again.

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That’s funny. I was purposefully testing it without a schedule on the first sheet because of what you mentioned above and I wasn’t getting back any errors in my demo project. Hopefully it’s at least a little faster. Cheers!