Find intersection between Surfaces and Lines

Greeting. I am working on a intersection task between several surface and MEP.

I am able to change to MEP into line by using Element Location. But later I found it seems there is no node for intersection between surface and lines. What I can only find is GeometryVSGeometry and GeometryVSCurve.

What I can figure out first is to change the surface to solid by using surface.thickness node. But later I find it causes error as some of the case are falsely detected as clashed.

So what I would like to ask: Is there any way to find intersection between Surface and Lines?

A curve is a type of geometry, and therefore Geometry.Intersect should work to intersect a curve with a surface.

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Or thicken the surface if it doesn’t want 2D objects (the solid input of the node)

Thinks. I just realised.