Find and Replace text notes

I’m new to Dynamo and am not certain why this is happening. This is a fairly simple find and replace graph. Why does the equal(==) node give a false result to everything on the list even though they are matching? Are there any additional errors that need to be corrected for the graph to work smoothly?

I apologize if this has posted and answered previously.

Thanks in advance.

Looks like the value of the note is


And you are looking for just

Note the lack of a return/new line.

I thought that might be the case and checked it. There is no new line in the text notes that were written.

I even tried to match the String node(the one that inputs to y on equal node) to
The equal node still returns false.

There may be something else we aren’t seeing. Test tab return. Or test return tab. Or a dozen zero width space characters in there.

  1. Clockwork package has a node ‘Clipboard.SendTo’.
  2. Get the first item from your TextNote.Text node, and pass that onto the Clipboard.SendTo node.
  3. Paste the results into the string node feeding into the Y input of the == node.
  4. Post the image showing the results.

TextNote.Text seems to be the culprit- it adds in an extra CRLF at the end of the text

However, it is fairly easy to work around

This solution works. Thank you very much.