Filter selection from a list based on a column

Hi All!
Im new in dynamo and this forum is helping me a lot of to handle this visual scripting language. I’m trying to get some columns and set them in dynamo by it diameter. I’m trying to solve it using a boolean mask, but I loss the index of the column, lossing the possibility to retrive it. This is what i’m doing

  1. Import excel from file
  2. I adquire the data by row.
  3. I make a boolean mask asking only for columns of 0.5 diameter.
  4. I use filter by boolmask, but dynamo gives me only the items, not the index.
  5. I would like to have the items index to use getitematindex and retrive all 0.5 columns, giving them an upper and lower point and a type.

What would be best method? Any help will be appreciated

Thank you

Why not filter all of your sublists?

Post an image of your graph if that isn’t clear. :slight_smile:

Hi @jacob.small!

Here you can see the 2 alternatives

Both of them are not working. Maybe I hadn’t explained as well as I wanted.
Any idea to solve the problem? Thank you!

Try this: