Filter Schedulable Fields by a List to Create a Schedule

I am attempting to filter the schedulable fields by a list of parameter names. I was able to get it working, (mostly), but the node I am using is catching “Type Mark” twice when I search for “Mark”. It also does this for several other fields as well, but the majority of them work.

Any thoughts on how I can improve this part of my routine?


Hi @jakelucier

Could you drop here relevant rvt and dyn files here?

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Hi Jake,

A little bit more information here would be helpful. What exactly are you attempting? Do you need to create a lot of schedules with the same fields? If you are only attempting to create one, it may make more sense to do it the old fashioned way through Revit alone. If you are trying to create a lot of schedules, all with the same fields, I’ve had much more luck creating a template schedule with all the necessary fields within Revit, then using a Dynamo script to duplicate that Schedule and apply filters to vary the results of the schedules.


Hi Nick,

I am creating 30 per model for about 6 models. They all consist of the same shared parameters to be scheduled for different categories. It seems I have gotten 80% of the way there and finished it all off manually.

I wish there was more functionality with schedule creation, manipulation, etc.

Hi Jake,

I replicated your result.


I suspect it’s due to the duplication in Mark and Type Mark, you can always double click into the node, copy it’s contents into your graph and modify, or you could use a different method of filtering…

Perhaps this is similar to what you’re looking for?

ScheduleFields-2.dyn (22.8 KB)

Hope that helps,


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