Filter out seperation lines

Heej everybody,

I have a great script to create wall finishes.
But I a little problem at the moment. When i have two rooms with no wall between it, than I wan’t also no wall between it. But with the script i’m using right now, he will create a wall finish.

Could anyone tell or help me how i could filter out the seperation line (model curve).

Wandafwerkingen genereren.dyn (37.8 KB)

Kind regards Jasperbru

This one is the good one :slight_smile:

The finishes at the properties venster and the tag haven’t anything to do with the dynamo script. They are for another research.

Okee, thank you :slight_smile:
And if i have more than one model curve, I can add them in the code block?

But i have always to ride write them? I could not filter them automaticly out?
Because if I have another protject, I have to write the code block again?

Thank you,

But this is not quite what i mean.
I don’t need the elements but the curves :flushed:

I have two rooms, with between a seperation line.
pictures won’t upload, so I can not explain it properly

List.FilterByBoolMask has 2 outputs, and in the first one, you should see your model curves

is this wall:

is this wall:

But how could I combine the two line’s (code block 1 and 2) in one list?

Because if I go for the model curve (element) I can’t make a wall finish.

This should help:

I have a differend aproach at the moment.

I have changed the list.sublistscontain, I have changed the input item in input list
Now he won’t create a wallfinish on the room seperation line. but now he gif warnings. ;(

I can’t upload any pictures


I have found the solution :smiley:
But have also a few problems

One problem is that you have to type each line separately, so if you want to filter out a lot of line’s you have a lot of code blocks, for each line one.

And one of problems is that he won’t joint all the wall. Sometime is have to join wall in revit in front of a window. If you know what i mean. I don’t know why he’s doing that. because with another window, from the same family it won’t happen.

But thank you for all of your help,

Kind regards.