Delete poly curves that contain "walls"

Hi guys,

I’d like to filter out and delete the polycurves that contain “walls”. Is there a way to do that?

List.ContainsItem should help you filter out the sublists with “Wall”.


So it still seems to return a false result even though it’s all walls. Is there anything I’m doing wrong?


Perhaps this is a start? My continuation might include List.IndexOf and List.RemoveItemAtIndex. “And” node may also be what you’re looking for.

I have to leave my computer for today but if this is not solved when I get back I will post a solution.

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I’m back. I see you marked my last post a solution. Were you able to solve your problem?

You’re comparing a string against an element. You would have to convert the wall elements to a string first.

Sorry for the late reply but yes I managed to get it to work with your solution, thank you Eric and Nick you’re also right, just didn’t know how to do it otherwise.

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