Filter out rooms by parameter "Name" by multiple values


Hi there

I am still new at this, so i’m still trying as I go.

Well, what the graph here does, is naming my rooms along a spline, so that they are named 2, 4, 6 and so on. But I have some rooms along the line, that should not be named. I fixed this, by putting in the function, you see below, but this only have the possibility to filter out the one string.

I need it to be able to filter out multiple room name instances, so it has to look in the parameter name “Name” as it does now, but it has to be able to filter out more options, as shown in red above…

I am very sorry, if this is a dumb question… :confused:


Hi there,

you could use this


Hi @bjkris,

Use AllIndices to filter with multiple values.


Thank you guys! I went with 3Pinters soulution! You just saved me from so much timeconsuming work! :slight_smile:

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