Filter list by part of name

Hello everyone on the forum.
I have a basic question about filtering lists.

Above I have a list of all project link levels (3 floor, 4 floor, 5 floor…15 floor)
Below I have a list of only the numbers of the levels I want (9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)
How do I match a list of levels, selecting only by numbers?
Like, it would be a list
9 floor
10 floor
11 floor
12 floor
13 floor
14 floor
15 floor

make the list as a string then use string contain, then use boolmask.

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Thank you Vijay
Great reasoning, but how do I turn my list into a string list?
I tried by codeblock and then list.create, but when it has null, it gives an error
Know another way?

Somethin like this?

Test.dyn (16.3 KB)

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If they are all based on the same sequence (Ground Floor = 0, First Floor = 1, etc) you could use a sequence and use GetItemAtIndex using your level number

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Oh! Thanks!
it was perfect in the routine
thank you so much!!

Thanks for this ideia Daniel!

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@_Vijay @renanemeyer This solution might not work if the elements are not in exact order!

@renanemeyer Try using nodes from archilab or designtech