Filter list by containing only integers

Trying to filter the following list of grouptypes by only getting the ones with an integer in the
So in the situation above I only want index 33-36 & 38-42 since the other names contain alphabetic characters.

This seems to work, maybe posted the forum post too early :sweat_smile:

I couldn’t get your method to work. Btw what package is “Group Type” from? I did it this way:

Oh that is just the “Element types” node, same one you used in your script. I just changed the name of it.

Your method is filtering the list of groupnames by searching for names that contain one or more integers.

My method is filtering the list of groupnames by names ONLY containing integers and non alphabetic characters.

Ah! Sorry, I misread your question then. Like you said, early in the morning :laughing:

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Coffee, now!

Unfortunately I hate coffee :frowning:
Here, amended :laughing:

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Tagged yours as a solution, it’s prettier.

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