Filter for horizontal faces

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to find the horizontal face(s) of an element.
Or better yet, the horizontal face which lies on a certain z coordinate
Is there an easy way of doing this ?
I think I need some sort of check of the face’s z coordinates.

You could use Surface.FilterByOrientation from Clockwork for this, and then use the Z value of any points on the surface with Surface.PointAtParameter and Point.Z

Hello everybody!
Is that node still available? Im using last version of clockwork and it doesnt seem to be 8n the package (or at least i cant find it…)


For me it seems to work. Maybe reinstall your package?

Hello Rickkrrd,

What version are you using?

Im not sure but could it be that some nodes have been removed from more recent verions?


Its part of Clockwork 2.x. Also see this link.