Filter by Design Option

I have a graph to renumber parking stalls by a spline curve. It works fine until you introduce design options. The numbering sequence goes wrong because the parking stalls in all of the design options are being selected and numbered. How can I filter the stalls being selected by the design option they are included in?

Element.GetParameterValueByName node to pull the design option. Get the value for not just the spots but also the selected spline, assuming you have one spline for each scheme.

== node to confirm when the design option equals the target to renumber.

List.FilterByBoolMask to remove the unwanted spots from the selection.

Then do your select by spline and continue as you were. Post your dyn for more help.

Jacob, I’m currently just using 1 spline for all schemes. The revit project file and dyn graph are located here.

@Dwood, the logic used is here:

That’s what I was missing. Thanks for your help!

I’m trying to filter elements by a views active design option to get only elements in that design option if theres one. But the active views design option is always -1. Trying to use your logic but no luck. Any help please? :slight_smile:

Maybe I am wrong but I don’t think a view has a property Design Option. Maybe that is the reason why I get - 1 as the objects that have not defined designed option.

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