Filter all place-able families

I am attempting to get all families in a project and place them on a floor plan.
I have been able to get all loadable families using ‘Family -> All Elements of Type’ and then removing system families (Which dont have Types).

Is there an easy way to check if something can be placed on a floor plan/level?
Currently I am also collecting Tags, Title Blocks etc. and would like to filter them out in a generic way that doesnt require naming each category.

I considered checking for geometry but I also want to place Detail Items and Generic Items.

‘Description’ is a common standard Parameter between normal families and DI/GA annotations, it is not present in tags, titles, title blocks, sections marks etc…

Could the builtin parameter FAMILY_HOSTING_BEHAVIOR help? See here:
However, I don’t really know how to deal with a level-based family: I assume that in this case, the Host parameter would be empty?

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I am looking for answer as well, did you find a solution?