Filter a list containing numbers and alphabets into two lists one containing numbers and one alphabets

Hi all,

I have the list shown in the picture, it contains “R1” , “Y1”,“B1”,“B2RY3”,“R2”
I want to split this list into two lists, one contains all of the alphabets. It will be like R, Y, B , BRY, R
and the other list will contain the numbers 1,1,1, 23,2
The purpose is to have a list with the alphabets and another list with the numbers

Can anyone help with that?

String.CharacterAtIndex from the Rhythm package can split a string to each character with a sequence based on the string length. Once that is doe you’re into converting strings to numbers and list management.

You can also use regex:

String.FindRegularExpression is from the Clockwork package.


Thanks Jacob,

Almost there but i have a small problem with the last code block
How can i solve this?

Try adding DSCore. in front of the List.Clean method.

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@tony.zekry A slightly untidy approach …