Filling a Key Schedule from Excel with Area (SF) numbers

I’m using the Key Schedule archi-lab node to fill a key schedule. The schedule has 3 columns, I can get two of them to fill fine, but the third is an area parameter and I can’t figure out how to get that column filled in. I don’t think the Key Schedule node is capable. I read from back in 2016 that it can’t handle anything but text types. Anyone have any ideas?

I am pretty sure you can add Area a Key Schedule?

Is the Parameter is set up right (Value can vary by group instance)?

Does the format of your Excel Area column match the format of the Revit Key Schedule Area column

So, here’s what I ended up doing. Had to take a hybrid approach since the Key Schedule node can’t handle numeric data.
First, I let the Key Schedule node build or fill in as much data as it can. Even if the Revit schedule has nothing in it, this will populate it.
Next, I collect all the elements that are now in the schedule and set all their values with SetParameterByName.
This seems to work when you have numeric data.

Kudos to @Steven on this post: Key Schedules - non-string data from Excel