Filled Region from Room Parameter

There is a Floor Finish System Parameter in the room, my question : Is it possible to automatically create Filled Regions in a Room based on that Floor Finish Parameter?

Example :

Room1 | Floor Finish : RED-Solid Pattern
Room2 | Floor Finish : Blue-Solid Pattern
Room3 | Floor Finish : Green-Solid Pattern

In Short Yes!

  • Get Room boundaries from rooms.
  • Get the floor finish parameter from room.
  • Get Filled Region types and map it with floor finish parameter
  • Use Create FilledRegion.ByCurves node connect your room closed boundaries, connect filled region types and views.

You have already asked this before here

In future don’t create same questions multiple times if your query is not solved please come back to the same post. Your welcome!

The link shown is picking the Room and applying Filled Region onto it…

This thread is that if the Floor Finish Parameter already has a value, say RED, and I created a filled region with the same name RED but is not applied to a room…how can I create the Filled Region from the Floor Finish Parameter to a room without picking.

Pardon me. I am totally new to this that is why I’m asking.

Group the list of rooms by their finish parameter, and create the filled region types based on a key from those values.

here is what I have so far…

is it possible to create a filled region Type that is matching to what is specified in the Floor Finish?
Example I put Grey in the Floor Finish, how do I incorporate in the code to create a filled region type GREY? we commonly use Solid Transparent Fills…

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I’m not sure you can “create” one, but I’m fairly certain you can duplicate and rename one…

I have a problem with the code…

if I make Room 2 to RED it does not work correctly.
how do I map the correct Region Type to the Correct room?

List.GroupByKey will do the trick. The list is all the rooms. The key is the finish parameter.

Why not use Color Schemes?

I do like @Revit_Noob 's method because it gives finer control. If @Revit_Noob 's graph is not working, it may be because the upper right node is looking for non-lists, or maybe lacing. It would be easier to debug if you post the DYN and RVT.

I’m getting Number of Items does not match the number of keys…

  1. get all rooms.
  2. get rooms ‘finish’ parameter value.
  3. feed the rooms into the ‘list’, and the ‘finish’ parameter values into the keys.

I know we can use Color Scheme on this .

But our workflow is that we export the blank room schedule to excel. Architects will fill in the finishes using the codes in the excel and throw it back to revit.

So the Floor Finish code and the Filled Region Type Name should be the same.

That way, we can just run the code every time they change the Room Schedule and the Floor finish should change as well.

I can’t get it to work…can you please show me how?

I’m out of the office so I can’t script it at the moment but Me and others can help troubleshoot if you post a complete, legible screenshot of your graph with previews expanded prior to the error.

hi @truevis, and @JacobSmall I have attached the DYN file…
still can’t figure it out

RegionsFromRoomBoundaries_v1.2dyn.dyn (13.8 KB)

You need to post an appropriate RVT, too. No one is going to recreate that for you.

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Could you just setup a color scheme?

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hi @truevis sorry I do not know how to upload 2 attachments at a time.

I have 4 Rooms and 3 Filled Region Types

Room 1 and 4 are both Reds, Room 2 is Blue and Room 3 is green.

The code only colors rooms 1-3 and room 4 is left out.

TEST_RoomFloorFinish.rvt (1.4 MB)

already answered here

Sorry, don’t know how I missed that.

I think this could still be an option if I understand your process though. The architects assign each room a finish code that already matches a filled region type so you can easily script finish code = filled region type, right? If you just set up your color scheme once (manually) so that each finish code equates to a different color (matching your filled region types) then you don’t have to run Dynamo every time you have an update, unless a new finish is added.

EDIT: I must have already checked out when I read this post last night. Are you looking to create the filled region type as well, based off the finish (color) from the Excel file? This becomes a little trickier because Dynamo creates colors by ARGB, meaning you won’t have names to choose from unless you create a dictionary with each color name and it’s ARGB value. It’s certainly possible and not really all that difficult but requires a lot of setup in your graph. Not as easy as saying “if the finish says GREEN create a GREEN color and use it in this fill region type.”