FAQ: What is the Stand-alone version of Dynamo?

Dynamo can now be launched as it’s own application. You can use the graphical programming environment outside of the Revit and Vasari environments. If you want to create Revit elements, you will need to first start Vasari or Revit and then launch Dynamo from the addin tab as before.

How do I get it?

The regular install of Dynamo will also install the stand-alone application. You still need to have Autodesk Vasari or Autodesk Revit to install, but you don’t need to use them together.

What can you do with it?

In Dynamo 0.6.3, the core functionalities of Dynamo are available (math, list manipulations, logic operations, etc). In Dynamo 0.7, you can do full modeling operations with the new geometry engine, import/export cad files, and much, much more. When you are ready to make BIM elements, open the same file in Revit or Vasari to take advantage of BIM specific functionality like walls, families, etc.

Why is the Dynamo team making a stand-alone version?

While Dynamo is creating deeper and stronger connections into BIM, it is also built to be transferable to other applications. We have users who have started taking advantage of the open source nature of the application and are porting Dynamo to run on top of other applications, such as Inventor and Maya. The Dynamo team is dedicated to making the best computation engine out there, and we’re looking to users to find amazing new applications for it.