FamilyInstance.ByHostAndPoint / Reset Default Instance Elevation


Respect for creating Spring Nodes.

Noob. Using FamilyInstance.ByHostAndPoint to insert wall based families. If any other instances are inserted manually with altered properties, the default elevation parameter is set to zero and any future instances inserted by the command are inserted at elevation zero.

There is a workaround to escape out of “Create Similar” option for any instance without inserting geometry to reset parameters to null. ( )

Is there a code block or Dynamo command i am missing to effect this reset prior to creating instances?


If I understood the linked article correctly, all you have to do is run the “CreateSimilar” command to restore the correct defaults. If you want to do that automatically at the end of the script, you could try using a PostableCommand:

Thanks for getting back. ‘Create Similar’ methodology does work well. Hoping to create something a little more refined and user friendly. ( be nice if autodesk did the same…)