Family too big or grids too small?

Hello everybody,

I am currently doing an internship and this is one of my first times working with Dynamo.
I would like to place a single structural column on the field of grids on Dynamo. However when I am trying to achieve this, the family is way to big. I tried to ask my colleagues for some help, but they’re not quite familiar with Dynamo.

For a better reference I will share a view pics of how it looks like on Dynamo.

It is a structural column, yes? Not architectural?
Too tall, too wide?
If height - are you setting the top and bottom connections?
What is the default height in the family?

Hey Aaron, thanks for the response. It is a structural column. These are the dimensions for the structural column. dimensions

Meters? Millimeters?
I’m guessing millimeters(?) Those would be the sizes in plan.100mm x 100mm with 8mm wall thickness.
What does it look like in Revit? What are top/bottom attachments?

Almost certainly a units issue. Looks like your values are in mm while Dynamo is in ft.

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Yeah that was the issue. Thanks!

It was a units issue. It’s fixed now. Thanks for the help, Aaron.