Family names


Hi everyone,

How can i change all families’ name even the families that didn’t be used yet (All families that showing in project browser).



Hi @Mohammad_Nawar, I’m not familiar with how you can access the Project Browser from the API but I found a link I’ve posted below.

There is method called “RenameCurrentType” in the API - that could be helpful :).

And then might have a look at this blogpost:



Ok i have succeeded to collect all built in families now i need to collect component families. anybody can help ?


Maybe this post from @Ernesto_Pellegrino can help you?


Ok ! i have tried the mentioned solution but it failed to rename any idea ?


Probably because you can’t have the colon “:” in the name. The "Family: " at the beginning is just to tell you what type it is. I would suggest you use “Element.Name” for a GetParameterByName node to get the Family name and then add your suffix.




if it has some interest have I made some new nodes for getting families and familytypes…