Facing Problem when copy instance parameter to type parameter

when i copy the value from mark(instance parameter) to URL(type parameter) im getting value here but its not taking correct value ,im getting different element value here. what method it is copying? please explain. i want same element “mark” value to same element “URL”

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mind if you use a watch node and parameter value node to verify via the design script?

Are there elements with the same element.type?

all are same element type only…

That is why. You have 9 different elements each with their own mark and you want to put them all into the URL of a single family type. Only the last one will be left there.

What do you expect to happen? What outcome are you trying to get?

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I have list of air terminals in my project .i want to copy each instance parameter value of air terminals to same type parameter of air terminals…

Can you show the outputs of all of the nodes?

Did you change your mark values from the last picture? 124 and 128 aren’t there anymore.

SORRY. PLEASE check latest one

You are writing to the same element 9 times, only the last time sticks. You need to decide what you want on the family type URL.