Fabrication Documents

Wonder if anyone can help me with this… I’m fairly new to Dynamo (long time Ghop and Revit user, so attraction to Dynamo is obvious), and I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to use Dynamo to help generate fabrication documents: I need to get Dynamo to return all objects in the file with particular parameter value(s), extract other particular parameter values, create 5 views of each of the objects, create a sheet, place them on it (aligned with one another), and turn the returned parameter values in to text fields on the sheet.

Just kind of shooting in the dark here, on the off chance someone out there has some ideas for me. Thanks in advance!

William, that’s quite a long list of items. How about doing this step by step?

As an example, the first thing you would be doing is building a collection of elements.

Can you give us some more details as to the criteria for the element selection?

Also, it might help to provide some info on what yu have tried so far, where you’re stuck etc.