Fabrication CadMep parameters to Revit custom fields

I am tasked with filling 9 fields of custom data. Most are working fine except for the data im pulling in from Fabrication CadMep, specifically the ‘Part Material’ field.
My Dynamo system is returning numbers instead of the material I was expecting.
Am I missing a step somewhere


Hi @john_dillon_skanska

Use custom node “LunchBoxGetParameterValue” from lunchbox package.

Much appreciated. Im just getting to grips with this now. I appreciate the patience.

I reckon I need another function to complete my task. Something to take the string and manipulate it to allow ‘element.SetParameterByName’ to operate?

@john_dillon_skanska It is hard to say with the limited screenshot which you have provided if there is logic in your script which suggests what elements are relational. This would be resolved by having the logic for determining which elements are relational. Hope that makes sense.

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Kulkul, Im afraid I don’t quite follow. I have the information in the list. I just need to assign strings within that list to the custom field ‘Material’.

My script works for most of the fields ive done so far. The lunch box function has taken me half way there , but I need to utilise the info from it to assign it to the ‘Material’ custom field.

I hope this makes sense.

I figured it out :blush:
The list needed to be flattened.