Extracting X Y and Z

I am working on a graph to get the locations of a number of elements into a spreadsheet - seems simple. An element.get location node grabs all the locations, and then point.x, point.y and point.z nodes pull out the separate X Y and Z values.

But what I am seeing is that the point.x and point.y elements give me the values that were listed by the element.get location node, but the point.z node is returning different values.

I thought that maybe I needed to transpose everything, based on some difference between origin point and project base point.
But, the Z values are all 0 from the element.get location, and they vary in the results of the point.z. If it were a transpose issue, it seems like they would all move the same amount.

So, what’s happening here?

Its correct - the Z values are almost 0; it just so happens that the watch window of the Point.Z is showing you the scientific notation of the value (e.g. 0.0000000000000211…), whereas the GetLocation node rounds it to 3 dp.

One other thing; they’re just the watch windows to help visualise the value, not a true representation of the values; both the Point.Z and GetLocation nodes are returning the exact same value.

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Awesome - thank you!

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