Extracting text by layer from cad file


im trying to extract text by layer form a cad file, the problem i face is:

“Categories Cannot be hidden” what does that mean??

any help is really appreciated
Thanks in Advanced

Have you excluded a layer on the import instance perhaps?


Can you post your rvt woth everything but that cad instance purged? Literally delete every other aspect of the model, all views, and every material before you post it.

You could also try making a new import instance from the same source DWG and see if that works.

Have you tried using the CivilConnection package?

Looks like if the CAD link was imported to “Current view only” and a view template is applied to this view - it breaks the CADTextData.FromLayers node.
I turned the VT off and it worked fine.

This bug is fixed in BimorphNodes v4.0.0. The node creates a temporary view and exports the CAD instance in isolation as a DXF which is then parsed to extract the text as there is no way to do this via the Revit API. The bug occurs if the following setting in the temporary view is checked. The update modifies this setting to fix the bug.

BimorphNodes v4.0.0 is going through final testing and scheduled for released this month. Full details will be announced on the forum soon.