Extracting Package names if used in a .dyn


Does any body know if theres a Node out there capable of extracting package names if nodes from the package is used in the .dyn?

Thanks in advance


No, you have to hope the best for som helping notes in the script. Some nodes include help and/or other indications where it comes from.

But it would be real nice if the script somehow could tell a bit more what is missing.

Hi Erik

A picture is worth a thousand words, below picture better explains what i was looking for.


Hi Jesper,

Try this.

You can definitely do it for custom nodes (meaning *.dyf files) but I don’t think it’s possible for zero touch nodes. The below is something I cobbled up during lunch break:

This is an extremely inefficient method because it involves managing huge amounts of strings. It’d probably be a lot better if you can replace some of the string operations with proper XML parsing.


Here’s a slightly optimized version with Lunchbox’s “DataSets.GetXMLNode” node:

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Briliant Dimitar! this is exact the data extraction I was looking for.



Hi All

The final result with room for improvement like always :wink:


One step closer to automatically create a table of content for my .dyn library. :slight_smile: