Extracting leader curves from text note

As a continuation from my previous post
" https://forum.dynamobim.com/t/move-text-notes-by-cordinates/17113/10?u=saju_autodesk "
Is there any way we can extract the curves from text note leaders and use them to automate clearing up views
like in the image below.


As a first step to it I am tring to extract the elbow point of leaders so that aligning elbows to right and left can make it look neater…!



Did you ever get further with this? I am in the process of creating a similar tool but the only nodes I can locate to handle leaders are for tags and not notes.

Hi @rdeardorff ,
This page has the final output,check out for " View text aligner" it should have the files…

Could you inform me where I can download the “text location” custom node?

Otherwise, thank you so much for sharing your work!

its the "element.location+ "node from clockwork