Extract Room number data and fill in element parameter

i tried to move Room number list into an element parameter named “Unit”. By instead it get filled in “Room: Unit”

I need add in column E. Cant think of any logic. Anyone please comment

This is my dynamo path
dynamo 2.0.2
replace and fill parameter 1.dyn (12.0 KB)

what is the type of parameter “Unit” ?? text, number,integer …etc?


you just need to connect the element input

sorry i actually removed that bymistake. i did that. what actually happens is, it goes in Room Unit. dynamo%20sch1

so you have two parameter named " Unit", check your parameters to which category related with.

Unit is added as Instance parameter in elements. So when i make schedule by rooms. Room: Unit also comes.

I want to add “Room: Number” data in "Unit " because i can later edit those room no. given

dyna%20sch2 dyna%20sch3

You collect the room: Number but what you seem to want to collect is the RoomNumber where your air terminal is located. Thanks to Rythm package you can grab the room where the element is located.

Air terminal room number to unit.dyn (12.5 KB)