Extract base surface from Curtain Wall System

Anyone know how to extract the “base surface” from the curtain wall system? I need to get the simplified area of the system to intersect with the room for energy analysis. getting each curtain wall panel would be a lot less accurate.

I found these posts, but it did not seem to have the answer to the question:



CrtnSysSrfArea.dyn (9.7 KB)

any reason i wound’t be getting the host panel?

@Jeremy_Luebker2 Here’s what I was thinking.


That worked beautifully thank you!

Could you consider obtaining that information from the intersection of the room with the curtain wall plane (assuming it is a planar curtain wall)

All you would then need is to obtain the plane of any one curtain panel from each curtain wall

i might have simplified the explanation too much. im actually trying to split the simple bounding box shape out of the room. this is pretty much the same thing the honeybee does in grasshopper. trying to run an energy model on a revit project

What about this solution. Try honeybee for Dynamo! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi. I’m using Honeybee in Dynamo to analyse daylight now . I have met trouble with collect rooms and spaces node like shown in the pic. Could you plz share me with the dyn code you used for this trial? Thank you so much:)