Extend Beams

Hello folks,

This might be a simple question but i couldn’t find anything useful within the previous posts. I’m simply trying to extend a beam to intersect with other perpendicular beams

This could be easily done in Revit using “Extend All” function. However i couldn’t find anything related in Dynamo. My goal is to create smaller segments of Beams and let them extend freely until they hit the next intersecting surface. I looked into Extend beam in dynamo to stop when hit object, however just wondering if there’s any alternate easier way to do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Why not just play connect the dots between the surfaces to start with?

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Hi @JacobSmall i didn’t really understand by what you meant “Connect the dots”?
Here is what i’m so far!

What are you extending to? I need more context to help. :confused:

@JacobSmall I’m trying to extend Beam X to join Beam Y as shown

Which is Beam X and Y in the graph above?