Exporting Type Catalog from Revit Families Using a Script

Hi there!

I’m trying to see if it possible for a Dynamo script to extract Type Catalogs from Revit families? I can’t seem to find any references anywhere that could help me start.

I also have access to RFtools, BIMlink, and some CTC software, if anyone knows if these softwares has a way of exporting type catalogs too let me know I would really appreciate the help!

If “Type Catelogs” means all family types in Revit then try using collector object to retrieve all Family Symbols.

Something like:
types = FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(FamilySymbol).ToElements()

Type Catalogs aren’t referenced by the family (as far as I’m aware). They only pop up when there is a Type Catalog file available. If you know the location of the family (rfa) you can easily get any type catalog (txt) that is with it.

I’m looking to extract those txt files from my current families. But since we have a lot of families in our office we are looking for a way to automate it so whenever we need to update our families we have this script available

I’m still not sure I understand what you’re trying to do. Do you mean update types for families that have already been loaded into a project? There’s no need to “export type catalogs” as they’re already separate files. You wouldn’t need to do anything with the rfa.

So these are the steps you need to create a type catalog txt file:

  • For every family get every type
  • Get all parameters of the family
  • For every parameter get its unit type
  • For every type get every parameter value
  • Order all the above information in such a way that it fits the requirements for type catalog txt files.

I do not think there is way to get this done using standard dynamo nodes, but if you know your way around python then you should be able to get this done.

Ah, if you’re trying to create a type catalog this makes more sense. I think you should be able to do that with ootb nodes though, maybe a few custom nodes.

yes exactly