Exporting Schedule

@Lknapton @Kulkul I appreciate your help

@Lknapton I’m using your script
can I ask one question regarding the same issue , in topic “Exporting Schedule to text file/excel”
the script working perfectly but if I’m using this way of numbering (01-01),(02-07),(05-03) the result in excel shown as date is there is any way to convert it in this script before export it
check the image, please

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@JeffT I don’t think it is possible (Until unless without Python) convert schedule data before writing to excel. There is another possible work around would be just write those values directly to excel as shown below.

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I apologise for the delayed reply , thanks a lot, Kulkul
I was trying to do the same I deal but it’s not working if you can take a look in the image below
I think I missed something

I tried to do it in another way it’s working but it looks horrible haha

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@JeffT You missed the Lacing for "Element.GetParameter(TypeorInstance).

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it’s working,
do you have any reference to read about LACING (cross product)
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Sure, http://dynamoprimer.com/en/06_Designing-with-Lists/6-1_whats-a-list.html

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Tanks Kulkul

No Problem. Have Fun :wink:

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