Exporting Schedule to text file/excel


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Greate job, I’m trying to do do the same but it seems I missed something
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Hi @JeffT currently your connecting String to the code block. You need to connect “Watch” node list to codeblock.

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Yes that was mistake thanks, man, but I change it now , it looks the same I believe I’m missing something

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@JeffT You have to specify file name with extension .csv/.xls for excel. Currently your just feeding the folder.


Hi Jeff, looks fine to me! Perhaps try copying python code again?

import clr
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *

schedule = UnwrapElement(IN[0])
path = IN[1]
name = IN[2]

	exp_opt = ViewScheduleExportOptions()
	schedule.Export(path, name, exp_opt)
	OUT = "Done"

except: OUT = "Nope"

Export Schedule(s).dyn (9.4 KB)

Jeff i have attached script but I have been using dynamo 1.0.0 so not sure if this be a problem. This allows you to choose between exporting 1 or multiple schedules. hope this helps


Great man, it’s amazing job
it’s working
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what’s up, man.
can I ask one question regarding the same issue ,
the script working perfectly but if i’m using this way of numbaring (01-01),(02-07),(05-03) the result in excel shown as date is there is any way to cnvert it in this script before export it
check the photo please

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Hi @JeffT,

You add this { " "} before feeding your Door Number to excel. Its because By default Excel cell format is set to General. See Below an example how to modify your graph. Good Luck!


@JeffT Next time if you have any query start a new thread please. This topic belongs to someone and also your query is off topic. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Let’s discuss it in new topic as you said it’s much better,

Code is working great. I have a question though…
if I want to export only One schedule and without the schedule headers which part of the code needs to modify?

Start a new post with what you have already tried attached as a screenshot, linking back to this post as required.

hi @Lknapton how do I use the code if I want to export one schedule only?
a code block maybe where the I can type the exact name of the schedule and only that schedule will be exported.

Please start a new post with what you have already tried attached as a screenshot, linking back to this post as required, and make sure to read the forum guidelines first:

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hi @Lknapton , i’m trying this script and it works with me but, still i want to export more than one schedule to one excel file , could you help ?

I’m not a python expert, but here’s a post for exporting scheduled to txt files, hope this helps…

See also:


hi I would like to compare the doors with the correct room numbers, heigths,width and level in revit project according to given excel list
I have just noticed that this dynamo script could help me

could you have this script?
regards Beyth


I need to uncheck “Export title” when exporting schedule by script, can you help me, please!!!