Excel.WriteToFile failing when using multiple values

So i have a excel file wich i want to create multiple formulas in dynamo to populate its cells.
I have a length and a width value of rooms in excel and i want to calculate that using dynamo.
I know how to do that in excel, i want to urnderstand how dynamo does this calculus.
Here is a picture of the script and the result in excel after it is runned.
I wanted that the perimeter and column valumns would be inserted in a vertical way in excel… But it is been strangely added as a line.
Does anybody has any clue to solve this?

Thank you!

PS: I’m attaching both the excel and dynamo files.

TabelaDeAreas.xlsx (8.4 KB)
Excel.dyn (19.8 KB)

Your list structure and starting cells are backwards. Data needs to be by row (one sublist = one row of data) and your cells would all start at Column E (4) and Row 1 (0). You don’t have multiple input locations if you have everything formatted correctly.

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Thank you!