Excel - Not enough Storage is available

Hi all
I’m having an issue with reading an excel file. See the error i’m getting below:

The excel file is only 350KB, has approx 300 columns and 300 rows.
The same script works on a larger file with more data.

I can get the script to work by splitting the file into 3 separate files with about 100 rows in each, but this is going to be a pain to have to do all the time.
I tried copying all the content into a fresh spreadsheet but i get the same issue.

Has anyone had this issue before (i cant findit anywhere) and know why it may be happening and how to correct it?
Im running Win 7, Revit 2017.2 and Dynamo 1.3
Any help is appreciated


Hi @Alisder_Brown
Try restarting PC.