Error when using Object.UpdateProperty with solids

Hello, I’m trying to update property values from calculated volume of a Solid. When using the node Object.UpdateProperty I get the following warning:

Any ideas on how to solve this issue? Thank you.

You are passing the solid volume as a double and you need a string : Springs.Number.ToString - #6 by BIMused

The warning also says that you have a solid and not an object. In case this persists when using a string, it means that you will need to select the objects (solids) agains using a selection method (all objects of types, by layer, etc.). Though I’m not sure if this will still throw a warning

Thank you for your tip. But I could solve it using another method. I used the node Object.AddProperstySet then PropertySetsExtensions.SetPropertValeByName. This one to include the volume as double. And Object.UpdateProperty to include a string. Now everything runs perfect.