Error Suppression / Swallower


I`ve been reading Revit API and thebuildingcoder for failure suppression but all the topics / examples they have is about suppressing warning.

Is there a way to suppress the error message below and just rollback if the transaction is not permitted.




Hi @blsalvio, you can use the SetFailureHandlingOptions() method of the transaction object to handle the failure option automatically.

hi @stillgotme

I already studied that API call up to FailuresAccessor, but all I can do is suppress warnings, because there is a DeleteWarning in the Revit API while there is none for errors. I am hoping that there are other methods like catching events.


you can do a rollback when an error is called, without showing the error message box, using that method.

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i dont know how to catch when an error is called without the message box showing. maybe you can show a sample code.