Empty List problem







Hi everyone ,any node can determine the [Empty List] or replace it?


1-30-2015 3-40-24 PM


The List.ReplaceItemAtIndex node is from package Clockwork which you already seem to have installed.

Thanks Andreas Dieckmann

right now i success replace empty lists


[Family.Name] Warning: Dereferencing a non-pointer.

any idea?

1-30-2015 6-04-46 PM

The goal is get the phase element name and empty list replace by string[] With the same index order.

Family.Name will not work on a phase, as phases aren’t families. Try Element.Name instead. If that doesn’t work, use the custom node “Element.Name (Universal)” from package Clockwork.

thanks Andreas

“Element.Name (Universal)” works perfect.



What i am doing wronglist replaceitem at index