Empty List problem(sub list rationalization) & Excel export!

Hi guys,

I have this tricky Empty List list problem that happens to get culled even if I want it to be seen when I do a List.Map and GetItematIndex operation. Ideally I would like to replace the Empty Lists with Point(0,0,0). The List.ReplaceItemAtIndex node from package Clockwork can’t be found on package manager either for some reason :frowning: . I am using Dynamo 8.1 version. List,FilterByBoolMask is still very arcane for me to understand.

What am trying to acheive is the intersection points of grid extrusions on the periphery of a curved roof as shown in the pic. And depending on the intersections of the grid extrusions and roof periphery polycurve, export out an Excel sheet, filtering out the respective Grid notations along with the number of intersection points and the X, Y and Z coordinates. Thanks for all the help in advance. I am also attaching the dyn file for your perusal.

Curved Roof Periphery Points


Periphery Points of Curved Roof




See if this helps

File: GridIntersections.dyn


Hi Vikram,

Sorry for this really late reply. I could not test out your solution yet as I was really pressed for time. I managed to scrape through my definition somehow. Moreover there were quite a few nodes that werent available in 8.1 version and only yesterday I installed the new 8.2 version. Will chk out ur solution and keep u posted. Thanks for all the help. It really means a lot :slight_smile: