Elevations pointing in the same direction

I’ve been following this tutorial to create elevations from model lines.
When I copied it as is from five years ago, the first error I get is at the end of section one,
Plane.XAxis expects AutoDesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Plane but It’s being fed AutoDesk.DesignScript.Geometry.CoordinateSystem. So I added Curve.PlaneAtPArameter and that almost works, at least it was completing with out errors, but now all of my elevations are pointing in the same direction, so I’m guessing my attempt to fix the bug is bypassing the plane it’s looking to align to.
LearnDynamo_Module_2 (3).dyn (102.9 KB)
ModuleTwo.rvt (4.9 MB)

SetCropRegionShape has been retired with Revit 2022, so use SetCropShape instead.


Then use the Curve.CoordinateSystemAtParameter, along with the CoordinateSystem.XAxis to get the Vector.

Should do the trick. :+1:

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Thank you very much

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I think I’ve duplicated your changes, and it seems to be creating the elevations.
But I don’t understand why my elevation markers aren’t showing up anymore.
LearnDynamo_Module_2 (4).dyn (103.5 KB)

@Ewan_Opie ,
never mind, I found them. I thought I had zoom to fit yesterday…
but it was creating them way off screen, so zooming out I’ve found them now.

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