Elevations by Room

Starting with Jeremey’s LearnDynamo Module 2 on Unwrapping Elevations from Model Lines I created a definition to do the same/similar based on Room boundaries.

I’ve got a couple things to work out but the first sticking point is that some of the elevations don’t, and frankly won’t, rotate into the correct position. Generated elevations 3, and 5 in the RVT have their extents stuck to the wall instead of the extended loop I created. When I try and force the rotation of these in Python I can’t get any closer than about 2.5 degrees from perpendicular before the elevation flips and points the opposite direction. I suspect is has something to do with the nature of elevations and walls but I don’t understand why it works in others (even Elevation 4 which should be very similar) and not with these 2 problem children.


Room Elevations

Room Elevations

Just realized that the same is true of elevation 1. All of the elevations running east-west are problematic. Maybe something in there will lead to the solution.

Hi, I am trying to identify from which package some nodes come from:
Room element collector

Can you help me with this, so I can try this out? I am also trying to find a way to automate placing wall elevations.