Elements vertical duplication

Hi everybody,
How to do a vertical duplication of all elements at level using Level 1 as starting point reference and duplicate all elements on it up to Level 5 or so? I’ve started it out but I don’t know how to complete. Thanks much.07

Assuming there are family elements which you are pulling geometry from… Once you have extracted the x and y location of the setout points for the family elements on level 1, you should be able to combine those with the z location of each level to provide the setout points for creating more instances at each level? Have a look at the Element.Location Node and Level.Elevation Node for a start :wink:

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Thanks a lot for response but I can’t still figure it out. I suppose I already extracted the x and y location of the set out points for the family elements. My only issue is how to create vertical array or duplication of these elements from Level 1 going up to Level 5 or more. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: