Element named by room (rooms from linked model)


I have gotten as far as to create a boolean list of which room an element exists in.
The rooms are from a linked model.
I just can’t figure out how I use what I’ve got to set a parameter in each element to the name of the room?

I am so close, but my low amount of experience with Dynamo is holding me back :frowning:
Please help!


Hi, this thread could possibly help you:

As far as I understand from that thread, the problem is not the same.
In my case i just get the room names from the link. I already have the names, and I want my elements to get the name of the room each one is inside in an instance parameter.

As you can see from the picture, I have a boolean list saying which room each element is in, and the corresponding name of the room in another list. I just can’t wrap my head around how I unfold the lists I have to put the correct value in an instance parameter of each element.

How do I continue from the three nodes you see in the picture to put the name of the room an element is in into an instance parameter on the element?

If your result is a list of boolean, you can use it to filter your list of instances with a List.FilterByBoolMask node. You can then simply set the instances parameter you want with an Element.SetParameterByName node. These pages could possibly help you if needed:

Thank you for your feedback, but I am unable to figure it out.
I would like to filter my lists to result in the right hand “Watch” node shown in the picture below.

Does anyone have an idea to how I can use the three left hand nodes in the picture to get the same result as shown in the right hand “Watch” node in the picture above?

I figured it out by accident :slight_smile:


Could you post the rest of the nodes for this?

Hi Anthony

I cannot recall where I have this graph, but I might be able to help you out :slight_smile: What are you thinking of using the graph for?


Maybe I misunderstood the post, I’m looking to pull room names from one model to another model for life safety purposes. Then i need a way to get model in place components to trace furniture as walls so I can get net area.

With the package “SpringNodes” you can get rooms from a linked model with these nodes:
With the “Select Model Element” Node, select the linked model that contains the room elements.