Element Location To Nearest Grid

Hello, I have been stumbling around to see if there is a node that simulates the “column location mark” parameter and result for elements other then columns. So far, I have not had any success and I am looking for ideas before I go and try to build/code this tool. Thanks!

I cannot read the node blocks on the clip. Can you please tell me what the top left and top right ones are? I assume the middle one is a code block with “comments” as the parameter location the location is written too. Thank you.

I think I figured out the nodes required but can someone translate or give me the cliff notes on the approach? I am still struggling with this one. Thanks.


I’m trying to solve the same problem. Below is what I have so far. I understand I need to compare the points from the family with the grid, however it sounds easier than I’m able to figure out how to build. I guess the first question I have is with the grids. With the X&Y values, one of them you essentially want to ignore, right? In my case below, the first (4) grids I only care about the X value and the last I only care about the Y value. Assuming I’m able to figure out which value I’m comparing the family point to, I’d assume you’d figure out which two grids running one direction are closest. From there you’d compare the distance from the family point to each. Whichever is closest would be written to a parameter with the Grid Name and the distance (+ or -). Any help on continuing to build off what I’ve got shown below, and what I’ve explained would be greatly appreciated!!!



For simplicity sake, let’s say the grid running N/S are designated with numbers, and the grids running E/W are designated with letters. What sort of filter could be used to group all grids that are alphabetical together and group those that are numerical? If I was able to do that, I could figure out which of the X/Y values I care about comparing the points to. If I’m over-complicating things, please let me know! ha!

Do we need to clear up the original data before we add new items inside?

Also, can we apply the same dynamo to structural column, structural framing, structural wall, mechanical equipment and electrical equipment?