Filtering Family Instances (by location) and applying Element Parameters


Anyone have any tips on how I can filter out a selection of family instances by location (i.e. Y = -11.550) and applying a parameter to the filtered set of family instances? I fail to understand what goes in to the condition or mask in the Filter nodes…


I think this would work:


Yes it does, after a person with below average IQ like myself mess around with Windows Regional Decimal Symbol settings and comma vs. dot for a good half hour. Thanks Jostein!

So now I have isolated the points that have a given collection of XYZ coordinate values. How do I use this list to add Element Parameters to the corresponding selection of family instances?

And; this workflow is using string. How can I use something like, say, a range of numerical values? (I.e. all Y’s between 2.300 and 2.500.)

Okay, I figured out the first one pretty quickly. Range still applies. How do you deal with number ranges and strings?

I have a suggestion, but it’s not very flexible. Drop the strings. It’s for the Y-component as you requested, but if you need a range in both x,y and z this definition will be too much of a hazzle…
You could probably use the same basic structure, but with a bounding box instead, though.


And with a poorly designed bounding box it could look something like this: (Both methods at once…)