Element Location marks for diagonally running grids

Revit has Location mark for structural columns which can be used in schedules.However for other elements such as structural foundation elements revit doesn’t provide its location mark.

I found a dynamo script that works perfectly for horizonal and vertical grids.But in my projects the Grids run diagonally.https://forum.dynamobim.com/t/revit-footing-to-extract-column-location-mark-parameter/4476

It would be great if someone can help me modify the above script for the grids running diagonally

Hi Sharan,

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Maybe this Dynamo graph can help you

Element is Located at Grid_v01.dyn (15.1 KB)

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Thanks for trying to help me out.
This script didn’t work for me.
Let me explain you clearly.
I used the script mentioned in the link I posted.
When the Grids are horizontal and vertical,it revealed the location of the foundation piles in the comments
But when the grids are diagonal,it returned wrong values.

Can you explain why the script didn’t work for you ?
As far as i know it gives the names of the intersecting grids.
The next step would be to grab the values, and write them to the Comments parameter.

The script worked when I tried it today.
But I have one small issue at the end.
As you can see,it returned only one Grid value in the comments i.e) 22.
But I wanted it as A.a-22
How can I make this happen.

Hi Sharan,

I have no example files to test it at the moment, but i think the attached files wil do the trick.

Element is Located at Grid_v02.dyn (19.2 KB)

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Element.Name is giving you the name of both grid elements. But then you’re trying to write that to a single parameter. You need to combine the grids into a single string before writing to the parameter.


Thanks so much.This really helped.