Element ID of Selected Linked Element

Anyone know of a way to get the Element ID of a Selected Linked Element? I can see that Revit’s inbuilt Interference Check can see the linked ID, but I can’t find a way to get it more directly, and for a selected element.


I don’t believe you can extract a particular linked element selected with the TAB key. You can find nodes that can fetch elements from a linked file in both SteamNodes and archi-lab.net packages. Once you get the desired elements, you cna use the built-in “Element.Id” node to get the linked id. Here’s a quick example of the archi-lab nodes:


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Thanks, I will take a look at the SteamNodes package.

But before I do that can you tell me how I update a package to the latest version? Do I have to uninstall and reinstall? Clockwork doesn’t show the ‘uninstall’ option in the package manager.

When you choose to update, the old version will be removed automatically.

Hi Dimitar

Thanks. But I can’t see an update option for packages. I know that there have been some updates to Clockworks Excel.WriteToFile node, but can’t see how to update the package. Actually for Clockwork the problem is even worse in that the Uninstall option is greyed out. Is that because I’ve used some of its nodes?

Hello Duncan,

Yes, if you have any nodes from that package on canvas, you will not be able to remove it, therefore I suggest you do it in a fresh canvas. Most packages can be directly updated by choosing the big arrow in front of the package name. If a package has custom dll libraries, you will most likely need to restart both Dynamo and Revit before you can download the newer version.

Clockwork does not contain any custom libraries, so I’m not sure why it’s not letting you re-download and update it.


How silly. I was going into ‘Manage Packages’ which seemed to me like the obvious place to manage packages I already have… thanks for pointing me to the right place.

Any way possible to populate those ids in a multicatagory schedule in revit?

Here’s a little workaround for selecting specific elements from linked files: Tag the linked element and then in Dynamo select the tag. With a custom node from the ‘Bakery’ package it returns the ID of the linked element.

Alternatively you could simply try spring nodes’ “Select Linked Element” node. I’ve made a video describing how to use it: