Element.ElementType call is ambiguous

Annotation 2020-09-01 085245

How do I resolve this situation? Please advise and share thoughts on how to solve this situation.

The LinkElement.Element is from Bimmorph package. I am now thinking perhaps its the package creating this issue.

Can you show the rest of your graph? this is what works for me.

@ZJRODGERS Hello Zach, looks like you responded even before I finished my previous reply. :slight_smile: Thank you for willing to look at it.

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Try replacing the node with it’s equivalent in a code block


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@rab_i also you could try this from clockwork.

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@ZJRODGERS The clockwork Element.ElementType+ worked as expected.
@Vikram_Subbaiah The code block resulted in the same “call is ambiguous” error.

Thank you for your help.

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