Element.Document and Python script for rooms in Dynamo 0.8.1

Hello everyone,

I’m getting new at Dynamo and here’s something I’m not sure how to solve :

I read this tutorial :

I tried the dynamo file with the revit test room but the first node was not Element.Document with only var. as exit but Element.Document and port 1 (in and out).

After looking, I bet this has to do with the same thing that goes here :

“In Dynamo 0.7.3 this worked out fine. In 0.7.4 the Element.Document is not accepted anymore and when using the Current Document node, the Doc.Phases statement in my Python isn’t accepted anymore.”

I only manage to get the rooms category, and the Element.Name but I want to be able to search for the Service and Occupancy Parameter to get a list…
(Because when I try to connect the block “ROOM PARAMETER” (“Department”) to the ParameterName connection, that doesn’t work…:frowning: )

Any suggestions here on how to get it ?


And another question related while looking to other dynamo defintions.
Looks like i get to choose the right parameter but it gets me only one room and the last one (I have 8 rooms in the test project)


The other thing also is, i don’t have a “Elements.parameters” node. That doesn’t exist anymore in Dynamo 0.8.1 ? Or do I have to install a package ?

If you want all parameters from all rooms try this:

the last node is from rhythm ( thank´s )


I just downloaded the rhytm package and I get the last node you’re speaking about.
I’m still missing the Element.parameters node you’re using in the 4th position. Is it in a package ? an older one ? Guess it’s the missing piece to solve that one ?

In Dynamo .8.1 you will find it here:

I think it´s “build in” node in Dynamo


Many thanks !